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The FortuMedi emergency hospital in Patna, Biharhas efficient management;systematic inventory management, robust financial control, and synergy with the staff lead a healthcare organization onto the path of achieving its potential. The hospital healthcare consulting and management advisory facilitates improvement in the performance and the reach of a hospital through the analysis of existing operational practices and the inculcation of plans for improvement. .

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At our hospital we bring to you advanced skin care services. Here skin care regimens are individualized based on skin type and pre existing conditions like acne, oily skin and rosacea. In this department FORTU Medi Emergency Hospital Pvt. Ltd. offers consultation and services pertainingThe Dermatology Department of FORTU Medi Emergency Hospital treats various skin conditions, infectious skin diseases, psoriasis and autoimmune skin diseases such as cutaneous lupus erythematosus, immunoblistering diseases such as pemphigus and bullous pemphigoid, problems with fingernails and hair. .