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Best Hospital Facilities Under One Roof

Emergency & Critical Care

24/7 Emergency services with dedicated trauma and critical care unit. Some other facilities of our emergency services include
  • Cardiac monitor, ventilators, POCT, defibrillators
  • Dedicated X-Ray unit, pathology, pharmacy, and round o'clock Radiology
  • Quick ambulance service with all life support facilities
  • Strict hygiene and infection control services
  • Experienced doctors and well-trained nurses/staffs
  • Ortho, Cardio, Neuro, Vascular, Gastro, ENT surgeons, Urologist and intensivists


Support Facilities

Security & Fire Safety Services

Fortu medi hospital is equipped with the latest CCTV's, safety alarm, and other things related to security. We have installed a fire safety device that detects any kind of smoke and allow patients and other people to exist with an emergency staircase.

House-Keeping Services

We have a dedicated house-keeping department through which we provide services per the standard of the infection control committee.

Help Desk

Our help/relation desk provides special assistance to women and elders. The help desk is dedicated to helping every patient so that they easily get what they want.

Parking Facility

We have an ample space which provides parking facility to patients and visitors. You can easily park two and four-wheelers which remain under surveillance.


Fortu medi emergency hospital also has a pharmacy store. The pharmacy store can be used by indoor patients as well as OPD patients. Our pharmacy store remains open for 24 hours and it is situated on the campus. From surgical material to rare medicine, we have all types of stocks in the pharmacy department. To ensure quality and safety, we allow only registered pharmacists to control the pharmacy.

Ambulance Service

Being one of the top emergency hospitals in Patna, we have state of the art Ambulance services that handle all the emergency and available 24/7. Drivers and staff managing ambulance services are well trained and they have successfully handled many critical cases. Ambulance service is an important part of our hospital and every ambulance is equipped with necessary services such as monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, continuous oxygen supply, etc.