Our Doctors

Dr. M.K. Sinha


We have skillful and experienced Diabetologist , who provide expert advice, and guidance on nutrition as well as other diabetic products

Dr. Arbind Kumar

General Physician

Dr. Arbind Kumar is one of the best General Physicians at Fort u medi hospital with several year of experience in this field

Dr. Nilesh Kumar


Dr. Nilesh Kumar is one of the best doctors at our hospital. He is extremely talented and knowledgeable doctor.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Neuro Surgeon

Our Neuro Surgeons are specially trained in neurosurgery and geriatric care. They try to go with non- surgical treatment first

Dr. Shailesh Kumar


We have a team of experienced pediatrics who provide a wide range of services for infants, children and teenagers.

Dr. P.K. Verma

Cardio Physician

Our cardiologists are expert in treatment of heart and associated cardiovascular system. They has expertise in all facets of general and complex cardiology

Doctors List & Department

Dr. Arbind Kumar(General Physician)
Dr. Amit Kumar (Diabetologist)
Dr. Akash Singh (Oncologist)
Dr. Rajat Charan (Orthopaedics)
Dr. Pawan Kumar (Orthopedics)
Dr. P.P. Singh(General Surgeon)
Dr. Govind Prasad (Nephrology)
Dr. M.K. Sinha(Urologist)
Dr. S.M. Rahotgi(Neuro Surgeon)
Dr. Neeraj(Neuro Surgeon)
Dr. Aditya Kr. Nandan(Ent Surgeon)
Dr. Shailesh Kumar(Pediatrics)
Dr. P.K. Verma(Cardio Physician)
Dr. N. Yadav(Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. Pratyush(Maxillo Fascial Surgeon)
Dr. Pradeep Kumar(Neuro Surgeon)
Dr. Nilesh Kumar(MBBS)
Dr. Pranav(Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. Deepika(Gynecologist)
Dr. Niddhi Basa(Gynecologist)