Dischrage Procedure

Our Discharge Procedure

At our hospital, we discharge any patient after getting an allowance from the doctor. If a patient or their relative wants to be transferred to another hospital against the doctor’s wish, they have to sign a declaration form.  According to the declaration form, the hospital is not responsible for any kind of change in the condition of the patient after being discharged from the hospital without a doctor's advice.

Discharge timing followed in our hospital is morning and evening. The discharge process may take some time as we have to follow some formalities, such as:

  • Submission of the report and discharge card
  • Submission of visitors pass provided to patients relative
  • Preparation of discharge summary
  • Return of medicines which is not being used
  • Preparation of patient's bill etc.

After completion of formalities, we will hand over the discharge slip and other reports to you. Before you get discharged, you must clear all the payment at the billing counter.