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A pathology lab is a place where different types of samples, like blood, urine, saliva, etc are tested to diagnose the core reason behind the health issue. Various equipment and chemicals are used for performing the diagnostic process. Fortumedi emergency hospital well recognizes the fact that the role of pathology testing has a crucial role to play in the treatment process. They regularly keep a check on their equipment to ensure they are working properly.

If the equipment is not working properly they get it replaced immediately without any delay. Further, they also maintain a predefined hygiene level to ensure no alteration is done in the sample of the patient. This is important because there are times when the samples are required to culture in a specific environment. So, any adulteration can lead to an incorrect diagnosis. Fortumedi emergency hospital has experienced and qualified doctors for performing the diagnostic procedure. It is very important that the person performing a test on the sample. Any minor negligence can have an adverse effect on the end of diagnoses.

Fortumedi hospital has one of the best pathology labs in Patna because they keep their stuff well updated with the latest testing techniques and chemicals. They encourage their staff members to attend conferences, seminars, and courses on pathology testing from time to time. This way they remain updated with the latest technique and follow the same while testing.

The hospital also keeps a close track of the chemicals used for testing purposes. This way they ensure that they always have sufficient stock so that the testing is not delayed because of a lack of chemicals. The best pathology of the hospital does not keep their services are not limited to only the patients who are hospitalized in the Fortumedi emergency hospital but they also serve the outside or over the counter patient.