About Department


Pediatrics is a field of medicine that needs matchless expertise and skills as the doctors have to deal with infants and children. To get the best results, accurate evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment should be done. As every infant and child has a different character, needs, and physical as well as a mental state, he or she should be nurtured properly. Hence, Fortumedi emergency hospital, one of the best pediatricians in Patna offers its expertise and knowledge to provide your newborn baby or infant or children the right and effective treatment in India.

Fortumedi emergency hospital Patna, one of the best pediatricians in Patna specializes in offering tertiary care treatment. The Institute is well supported by a team of specialists who concentrate on various fields to supply your young ones with the care they deserve. Our hospital ensures that your baby remains in safe hands and gets the best possible treatment by experienced pediatric.

Salient Features

  • Technologically equipped operating rooms
  • 24/7 emergency care service provisions
  • 24/7 pharmacy services
  • Pediatrics care unit offers world-class surgical, immunization and pediatric services to critically ill patients

Treatment Zone

  • Checking and recording their health and physical development through conducting perquisite Diagnosis
  • Examining sick children and getting a planned treatment procedure
  • Examine sick children to determine their condition and carrying out counseling to gather information about symptoms
  • Reach an informed diagnosis supported knowledge domain and individual medical record
  • Prescribe and interpret appropriate lab tests to gain more information for possible symptoms
  • Advise parents on disease preventive measures of children’s diet, exercise, and medicine
  • Keep updated records of patient’s illnesses, other medical issues.