Ear, Nose & Throat

About Department

ENT- Ear, Nose & Throat

At Fortumedi hospital, we have ENT specialists who provide the best diagnosis and treatment to every patient. Our ENT doctors have a great record of treating a wide range of disease-related to ear, nose, and throat. Our hospital has the best ENT department in Patna who provides quality medical facilities at an affordable cost.

Services Of Our ENT Department

  • For ear: Vertigo/dizziness, tinnitus, hearing problem, CAPD, etc.
  • For the nose: Sinusitis, Nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, nose bleeding and more
  • For throat: Tonsil problem, Swallowing disorder, Larynx cancer, Nasopharynx cancer
  • For head and neck: Neck pain, parotid disorder, Thyroid cancer, Thyroid disorder, etc.

Other Sophisticated ENT Services

  • All sophisticated cases such as growth larynx, Bronchus, haemangeoma Trachea, multiple pappilomata and other disease are being daily treated
  • All types of sophisticated surgery are related to the sinus. Pituitary tumors and Revision cases are also performed safely and efficiently