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CT Scan

CT scan is performed by doctors to get detail images of structure inside the human body. Computed Tomography (CT) scan is an imaging method that is used to generate 3-D pictures of any organ inside the body. Through this process, doctors get cross-sectional images of bony structure, vessels, and internals organ. It helps them to understand the disease and then provide treatment according to that. Fortumedi emergency hospital provides a full-service CT scan center in Patna.

Every doctor at Fortumedi emergency hospital comes with high level of experience and expertise in their field. We are one of the top CT scan centers in Patna where testing is done at high regulatory standards. During the test, the patient has to lie on a table that is attached to a CT scanner. During the process, the machine sends radiation through the body part which is being studied by the doctor.

Doctors will get an image of a thin slice or organ or area after each rotation of the scanner. Then, all the images are saved as a group on a system that helps doctors in analyzing the disease or disorder. Being one of the best hospitals in Patna, Fortumedi emergency hospital uses advanced CT scanner because our mission is to provide only the best healthcare to everyone.

Facilities At Our CT Scan Department

  • We have a Multi slice CT scan that allows scanning of section accurately.
  • Fast Visualization, Examination and Post Processing
  • We deliver a CT scan report on the same day to the patient
  • We notify about status report through SMS alert